Times Men Exposed Gross And Annoying Habits Of Their Wives And GFs || Funny Daily

Times Exposed Gross And Annoying Behaviors Of Their Partners And GFs|| Amusing Daily
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Times Men Exposed Gross And Of Their And GFs || Funny Daily

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    1. Good looking ones don’t cook well or keep houses neat. Those cook well and keep houses neat don’t look good. Those who satisfy both criteria are rare these days😢

  1. Find new women or do like I did and give them up. Took me 40 years to figure out they aren’t worth what you have to give for what you get from them.

  2. Some of these require an intervention. Seriously.
    However, empty candy wrappers in the bowl? Guilty here, if there’s not a trash can within throwing distance.

  3. Whoever does stuff like this was never home trained as a child. These actions are ALL signs of immaturity and selfishness. If a person wants to be a pig alone that’s one thing. BUT if you live with another human you need to be CONSIDERATE!!!!!!!😊

  4. Guys-take a good look at your girlfriend’s Mom, house, bathroom, refrigerator, etc to see how she was raised. Some people think living like pigs is normal.

    1. Well, when you visit them, they keep things tidy. Also I have observed that neatness is not an inherited trait.

    2. For me and my sister, it was just the opposite. We swore we would NEVER be like our mother – and we aren’t. Neither of us can stand a dirty house or a cluttered house. She never married so never had to contend with a partner. I’ve been married for 41 yrs to a man mostly like me. I keep things organized where he lacks that gene. It drives me nuts to find things where they don’t belong. WHY why why is his elbow brace in the organizer with the batteries? I just take it out and put it in the box labeled BRACES and HEATING PADS.

  5. Some of these are annoying, some are gross, and some are ‘how rich did you grow up that you don’t even think about how wasteful this is?’!

  6. People, there are people like so in either gender. If you are finicky about cleaning, study your partner’s cleaning habits. Check if the shoes are polished, the teeth are brushed, nails trimmed and not dirty, washed hands, no oil or spots on clothes, no body odor, how clean are the belongings, etc. There are little indicators to observe before you commit. Just saying! 😮

  7. And you stay with these people!! The first time I saw some of this behavior I’d walk away, no thank you!

  8. I got so fed up with damp towels on the floor, pee on the toilet, gummy soap, whiskers and shave goo in the sink, glasses, cans, pizza boxes, freshly ironed shirts on the floor, clothes thrown everywhere, missing CDs and DVDs, l closed the door, and did NOTHING. I kept the rest of the house, my bedroom, bath, sheets clean, but ignored his. Yup! The squalling started. I told him again to pick up, l work too, I’m not your servant or babysitter. And did NOTHING. Just waited to see if he could find his OWN keys, wallet, clothes, change and wash his own sheets, towels, and clothes. Tough love. You teach people how to treat you. And I’m not an adult man’s Mommy.

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