Times People Forgot Something And Faced Hilariously Awful Consequences (NEW)(Part 2) || Funny Daily

Times People Forgot Something And Dealt With Hilariously Awful Outcome (NEW)( Part 2)|| Daily
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Times People Forgot Something And Faced Hilariously Awful (NEW)(Part 2) ||

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  1. Girlfriend didn’t forget to unwrap the cheese. She’s either pissed at him or playing a prank 😂

  2. 0:30 why do you NOT buy heatproof spatulas? Geez! I have a brother who buys cheap instead of heatproof and it drives me nuts!

  3. 6:55 Ouch! That rear glass on the Corvette cosrs $3,200 to replace. I wouldn’t want to make that insurance claim.

  4. Well, in most cases the consequences aren’t that awful.
    The noise, that some idiot might call music, on the other hand is very awful and annoying. Fortunately there is a possibility to turn the volume off.

  5. “Hilariously awful consequences” might be a little exaggerated for many, if not most, of these.

  6. 8:37 That happened to me once, too! The whole apartment was smelling like burned plastic for days afterwards!

  7. 10:25 Your husband might want to avoid futute grocery shopping, so he’s being “forgetful” on purpose.

  8. hubby and I were once talking about our wedding anniversary and were very happy we both remembered the date. As a joke I then asked him what year we were married. neither one of us could remember. Some time later I was clearing the table and noticed the marriage certificate. stupid thing had been right next to us as we were trying to guess the year. Put it away safe, and we went back to do what we do best. forget our wedding anniversary every other year.

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