Times People Had To Do A Double Take To Realize What They Were Looking At (New Pics) || Funny Daily

Times People Had To Do A Double Take To Recognize What They Were Taking A Look At (New Pictures)|| Amusing Daily
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Times People Had To Do A (New Pics) ||

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  1. 2:43 I think someone made this into an actual font.
    1:43 The sunlight, reflecting off of the vase is really throwing me. I do not understand at what I am looking.

    1. I always fear the music on these but wanna watch them nevertheless, so I switch off my speakers providently.

  2. 1:54 – So pretty, and yet, so rude!
    3:48 – So colorful! 😊
    4:03 – The great Ah-Tuin! (not sure I spelled that right.)
    8:57 – OMG, it DOES look like an Easter Island head!

  3. 3:09 That’s not surprising, as the tray below has this very leap shape, the roots just followed the channels in the tray.

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