Times People Made Such Bad Home Decor Choices, They Got Roasted (NEW) (PART 2) || Funny Daily

Times People Made Such Bad Home Decoration Choices, They Got Roasted (NEW) (PART 2)||
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Times People Made Such Choices, They Got Roasted (NEW) (PART 2) || Funny Daily

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  1. At 7:02, WHAT? YOU KILED AND BUTCHERED A GIRAFFE? If you understood anything about animals – giraffe is known as one of the mildest, LEAST hostile creatures ever to exist. Not a predator, like lion or tiger. I’ll never understand the motivation which causes testosterone-infused humans to kill a giraffe. Displaying this along with a huge smile makes me sick to my stomach.

    1. I doubt it was the content creator who killed it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have listed in in “bizarre design choices”. I hear you, tho. Killing a giraffe for kicks ~ and then to proudly showcase its vulgarity as a kitsch eyesore ~ is pretty sick.

    2. It’s not necessarily a bad thing!! In Africa, there are controlled hunts to manage animal populations that generate LOTS of $$$ that is used for conservation and research. I’m saving up in hope someday they’ll organize a POACHER Hunt………

  2. “The Smile Room” looks like something out of a “Saw” movie..
    7:06 I think we found the target demographic for the Trump Bible..

  3. YouTube translation of “Bad Decor Choices” = ” It’s a bit unusual and we don’t like it, therefore it’s wrong.” I don’t like all of these, but I don’t have to live with them, so that’s ok. The people who did it liked it, and that’s all that matters.
    1:00. That would be an old, abandoned, decrepit building. We are hardly seeing it at it’s best. It was probably fine when it was new and in use.
    8:16. In what universe is this a bad decor choice?

  4. 6:00 – Yeah, he wasn’t using that ‘gym equipment’ for what the rest of us know as ‘gym’ was he? 😉

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