Times People Posted Something So Relatable (NEW) || Funny Daily

Times People Published Something So Relatable (BRAND-NEW)|| Amusing Daily
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Times People Posted Something So Relatable (NEW) || Funny Daily

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  1. I have a question: how many of you were subject to sonograms before you were born? How many sonograms? My theory is many young people are having weird glitchy issues because a sonogram is a piercing sound wave that goes thru a developing infant’s brain and nervous system. No one could ever convince me that was harmless to the baby. Did you all get sonograms?

    1. I had sonograms with both my kids, and they are fine. They both knew the alphabet and could read before they started kindergarten.

    2. Nope. Nothing wrong with them. People just want to be F’d up now days. It gets them the attention they are hopelessly addicted to.

  2. 2:15 – the reason I don’t have kids. I’m reducing my “trauma” footprint. 5:15 – forgiving oneself is hard.

  3. I am 62 and was adopted and the last 5 years i have finally had an awesome relationship with my adopted mom. Before then my life with her was hell. She is 97 and our time now is amazing ❤

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