Times People’s Homes Gave Them A Hard Time (New Pics) || Funny Daily

Times Individuals's Houses Gave Them A Hard Time (New Pics)|| Daily
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Times People’s Homes Gave Them A Hard Time (New Pics) ||

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    1. Crazy isn’t it? The refrigerator and sink are there too. Unless they do a top to bottom sanitizing every time I can’t imagine the “goodies” this person has been eating.

    2. In China I had a place with water cooker next to the toilet in a hotel….. I went rather to a coffee shop outside the hotel…

    3. 7:20 That sink was a disaster before it even collapsed. Why so many ancient looking toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste. Any are they contact lenses containers? Eww.

  1. 6:50>Wash them by hand in the sink. Dishwashers are a bs aplliance anyway.Geez, some of these are horrendous.

    1. Totally agree! While plenty of glassware (eg; Pyrex) is made tough enough to cook with, and other companies make toughened-glass products able to survive heavy restaurant usage, lead-crystal glasses won’t like sudden or excessive changes in temperature!

  2. 2:03 – What kind of work do you do where the microwave has to be in the same room as the toilet? I mean, I would rather have it on my desk than in the bathroom/supply closet. 😬

  3. 8:25 – Once had my stove catch fire. Put my kitchen out. Had a “Purple K” fire extinguisher. It’s pretty tough to clean up.

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