Ultimate Thrift Store Finds: Unbelievable Treasures Discovered Today!

Ultimate Finds: Astounding Treasures Discovered Today!

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Ultimate Finds: Unbelievable Treasures Discovered Today!

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  1. I remember aluminum Christmas trees…my favorite with the rotating-colored light shining on it. Timeline 5:50.

  2. 8:42 I love that painting as well. It’s called “The Floor Finishers” and has a companion painting. My copy is a print poster from the de Young Museum in San Francisco purchased when the painting was actually at the museum in the mid 80s.

  3. That camera kit at the end seems to be virtually worthless over here in the UK. I have three decent 35mm SLR bodies (1 Canon AE1, 1 Olympus OM101, and a Praktica, with a selection of lenses and flashguns for each of them, and a local junk shop wouldn’t even take them for free as they won’t sell. I have seen a literal BASKET of film cameras, including Pentax and Nikon going for £50.

  4. Who ever is pricing thoes items should move to Denver.
    Here you get something at GW and its $2.00 higher than brand new at a retail store.

  5. 0:29 – He did a very good job!
    0:54 – Tired of what? I don’t get it.
    1:23 – Wow!
    4:35 – *OMG, I LOVE it!!!*
    7:26 – *snicker!* It is a pretty thing, tho.
    8:16 – Kinda’ makes you believe in fate!

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