Uncomfortable Photos That Can Make Your Eye Twitch (Part 2)

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Music by Kevin MacLeod is certified under an Imaginative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).
Artist: incompetech.com.

Uncomfortable That Can Your (Part 2)

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  1. Love the map of where the package traveled. My husband ordered an item that was located in North Jersey and we live in South Jersey. The package was shipped all the way to Guam and back across the USA before it finally arrived 6 weeks later.😀

  2. 9:26 drone ads for candy crush in the night sky.. They are looking into ways to put ads on the moon. One company wants to use shadows for ads we can see from earth.

    1. Ha! Good news on that front! The GAO has stepped up their efforts to mandate environmental reviews for large satellite constellations. Maybe they’ll also put a stop to this type of space pollution.

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