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  1. What a lot of really evil horrible people have contributed to someone’s Chritmas, others just plain bad luck. Merry Christmas, maybe go away next year.

  2. Gotta wonder why some companies even bother giving Christmas gifts to employees if they’re just going to insult them.

  3. The week before Thanksgiving 2023 my kitchen was flooded. No flooring, no sink, no bottom cupboard. The week before Christmas, my washing machine died. Today, Christmas day, my refrigerator died sometime last night. Total food loss. I’m having cataract surgery in 1 week. Please 🙏 for me.

  4. 2:32 Robin Williams told David Letterman on the Tonight Show that including a bottle of tequila and whiskey in the guest’s gift bags needed to be rethought.
    Robin was public about trying to stop drinking at the time.
    The rest of the interview did not go well. David was ticked — a**hole.

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