“Warning This Page Will Ruin Your Childhood!” Posts That Hit Millennials Right In The Childhood

"Caution This Page Will Ruin Your Youth!" Posts That Struck Millennials Right In The Youth
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“Warning This Page Will Ruin Your !” Posts That Hit Millennials Right In The

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  1. 0:43 I’m surprised they don’t have a photo from when Robin Williams was at his peak – Mork and Mindy. My guess as to why not… parents of millenials haven’t seen it.

  2. There was no “internet struggle”, 3D Pinball was a lot of fun, it was a hell of a lot better than playing Mindsweeper.

    I always wanted a PSP but my family didn’t spoil me. The best I got was the Nintendo 64 that was passed down from my older brothers, but they would take it back whenever they had friends over, and we had 1 game to play on it: “Mario Kart”. That thing was gold to us.

    Asking my mom if I could borrow her flip phone so I could play battleship or connect 4 was an awesome step up from carrying a bunch of uno cards around and trying to convince someone to play with you.

    I actually for sorry for kids now. Being spoiled and with things being so easy, it really loses the adventure and it keeps you from having to be creative. My parents literally had fun just by using sticks and stones they found in the yard and stuff, kids inherently have amazing imaginations, but when you spoil a kid to the point they no longer need to use their imagination… they tend to miss out on a lot. :/

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