Wedding Shockers: Unbelievable Guest Experiences That Went Viral

Wedding Event Shockers: Unbelievable Guest Experiences That Went Viral

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: Unbelievable Guest Experiences That Went Viral

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  1. My ideal wedding? A courthouse affair followed by a meal at a restaurant.

    I’m not one who likes the center of attention.

    1. Absolutely agree. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be married, I just didn’t want a wedding ceremony. My husband repeatedly had to reassure me. If there had been just a paper to sign I’d have been happy. I hated my wedding but smiled through it to keep the peace 😂

  2. I was the very very young child who mimicked the priests every action at my uncle’s wedding. 55+ years later I’m still hearing about it. Usually to laughter.

  3. I haven’t attended a lot of weddings, but of the ones I have attended, at least half of them resulted in a women fighting over the bouquet. So stupid.

  4. I was flower girl at uncle’s wedding, 6yo. The new shoes hurt so badly I slipped them off when we got to the front. When recession was to begin, I started searching for my shoes, blindly hunting with my feet, concentric circles til I found them!😂

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