“What Could Go Wrong”: Hilariously Unfortunate Cleaning Fails (New Pics) || Funny Daily

"What Could ": Hilariously Unfortunate Cleansing (New Pics)|| Amusing Daily
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”: Hilariously Unfortunate Cleaning Fails (New Pics) || Funny Daily

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  1. The hot ashes in the garbage can…I’m a firefighter and I can tell you that happens more than people know. Had one lady threw the ashes into a can in her garage and it lit up burning her million dollar house down, along with two brand new Porsche and a Mercedes. Oops.

  2. The disappearing lines on the measuring cup is why I look for the ones with the molded in lines. Harder to find, but last soooo much longer.

  3. 5:02 Flashing back to the time one of my college roommates got toilet-hugging drunk and passed out on the bathroom floor. We threw a pillow in there for her and shut the door. The next morning she had a puked-on pillow and a raging hangover. Even with that, she tried washing her feather pillow and putting it through the dryer. While it didn’t disintegrate, the laundry room _did_ look like a duck had exploded in there due to the way those down feathers poke through a pillow and eventually work their way out!

  4. When I was a kid I used liquid dish soap in the dishwasher. Floor was covered with suds.

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