When Expectations Don’t Meet Reality

When Don't Meet

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When Don't Meet

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  1. Found that the Fred Myer (Kroger) frozen waffles are better than the Eggo brand. Some times the
    replacement” is better.

  2. I don’t get what’s wrong with the whale cake. Looks like the original Simpsons image to me.

  3. I feel like these videos are put together by a very bad AI and not checked before upload. Half of the clips in this channels vids feel like a stroke on account of failing the videos premise, in this case “expectations vs. reality”. For example 2:15 “Balayage Hair”. How is this funny? This is just two different search results for hair put after each other, with no context, connection or conclusion. It seems as if this channel is just another badly put together Indian cash cow or AI project. I’mma unsubscribe right here, as I don’t enjoy these videos, which ironically enough is the sad reality of my expectations of a nice picture comparison fun video channel.

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