Wholesome And Hilarious Moments From Veterinary Clinics (New Pics) || Funny Daily

Wholesome And Amusing Moments From Veterinary Centers (New )|| Amusing Daily
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Wholesome And Hilarious Moments From (New ) ||

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  1. These pics really make me wish I’d followed through with my goal to become a vet. Can I have a do-over? Please keep these cheerful pics coming.

  2. Love how Aussies save wildlife in bushfires. Canadian wildland firefighters helped them during their hellish fire seasons and last season when our wildfires skyrocketed exponentially, Aussies were eager to return the favour. It was a bit of an adjustment though–saving koala bears in compartmentalized forests is not the same as saving grizzly, black and polar bears in the world’s largest* most intact forest in a continent-sized wilderness. Aussies are tough though and unlike other allies I will not name, they are grateful when you help them and determined to help you in return.

    So happy we are such close friends despite the distance. I wish we could move Canada next to Australia and New Zealand. Upside down to keep our Arctic foxes and Arctic wolves cool. We’d have to switch the names Arctic (“with bears”) and Antarctic (“without bears”) because our polar bears would be chilling there. Well, chilling and being one of the only two animals that actively hunt humans. But for Aussies what’s one more beastie trying to kill you?

    Aussies, Canucks and Kiwis could form a fun-loving foreign aid alliance known by its acronym ACK! And you should join us in NATO! I know you are nowhere near the North Atlantic but being nowhere near Europe has never stopped you from participating in the European Song Contest.

    Case in point, when the U.S. was the only member nation to ever use Article 5 to call NATO countries to its defense after the 9/11 attack, the 5 nations that immediately went into Afghanistan to topple the attackers Al Qaeda and the Taliban were: Canada, Britain, Poland–and Australia and New Zealand which have never been members of NATO! (All other members arrived a little later and played a supportive but no less important role.)

    I may be giving this fantasy a lot of thought. November is coming.

    *As for the size of Canada’s boreal forest: it reaches from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic. It’s in the same weight class as continental Europe. It’s contiguous, so the fire always has more fuel to burn. I’m not minimizing Australian wildfires–on the contrary they have a lot more people in harm’s way, our contiguous wilderness means there are fewer towns at risk. Though there have been catastrophes where entire cities burned to ashes. I’ll add links in following post.

    I got sidetracked. My footnote was to explain though the Amazon used to be the biggest forest it is reducing due to slash and burn while the Canadian boreal forest is being actively conserved. Thus Canada rose to number one And the Amazon to number two. And while technically Russia has the most trees due to the country’s massive size, these are not contiguous, they are broken up by human development and do not form a cohesive forest. Though Russia also suffers from wildfires and has vast tracts of wilderness.

    1. MicaOshea-oe7ir Thank you for your interesting and amusing post and for saying nice things about Aussies.

  3. Super cute all the way to the end. However at the end sorry, nope, not gunna happen 😅 thank you to all the vetinarians and techs out there mastering their craft.

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