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Work Memes To Laugh At While You Ignore Your Responsibilities || Daily

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  1. I so sympathise! I left school at 16 with only O levels, and worked at a bank, then when I was bored, changed..
    And by the time I was 20, had 3 jobs under my belt. Then spent over 10 years at the next one because it suited me, and got promoted to middle management level.
    Then moved again and had to take further education to retain my position. It is so much harder these days, a degree seems the baseline for so many jobs, I don’t understand why, my grandchildren have so much debt, one is working and doing well, the other has just started uni and is accruing his debt.
    My house in London was £79,000, a stretch in the late 1980s but doable.
    I don’t understand what went wrong with the country, you have to have a degree to get any job and incur pretty much what my house cost to get it.
    Yes I think the world was better and easier when I was growing up. I could have gone to uni for free, but much preferred to work and loved it.

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