Worst Ever Ways People Had Their Food Served In Restaurants

Worst Ever Ways People Had Their Food Served In Restaurants

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Worst Ever Ways People Had Their Food Served In Restaurants

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    1. I popped in to write the same. Half that stuff cannot be sanitized. It is all so silly, and toilets and dog bowls are unappetizing.. Good food doesnt need a gimmick.

  1. The prawn on a phone could be an attempt to imitate Dali’s lobster phone 🦞 ?? As for the other ideas: sometimes too much imagination can be a bad thing…give me a simple dinner plate or bowl any day. OK, maybe a skillet when appropriate. Everything else tries too hard to be “clever”. Unforgettable for sure, for all the wrong reasons.

  2. I think the only one that is salvageable is the bathtub gin cocktail, that small ceramic bathtub is cute

  3. That’s the weirdest thing I ever saw. I would probably walk out of the restaurant . I couldn’t eat most of that because of what it was served on. COME ON WHERE ARE THE NORMAL PLATES ! YOU REALLY HAVE TO PUT THE FOOD IN SOMETHING STUPID IN ORDER TO CHARGE A LOT OF MONEY ? WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO FINE DINING. GET A GREAT MEAL SERVED PROPERLY .🤦

  4. Honètement je pense que je me sentirais insulté et je quitterais le restaurant sur le champs…😢

  5. 2:34 You pay extra for the particle board. God only knows what those three things are on it, anyway.

  6. Most looked appalling, but the bloody Mary…I’ll take it! Also, if the strawberry dessert wasn’t such a pain, it’d probably be good.

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