Worst Hotel And Airbnb Fails (NEW PICS) (PART 2) || Funny Daily

Worst And Stops Working (BRAND-NEW PICTURE) (PART 2)||
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Worst Hotel And Fails (NEW PICS) (PART 2) || Funny Daily

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  1. 4:19 Not only the “floor lights”, but the “exit” sign 3 inches off the floor.
    Is this pic upside-down, or does this hotel have a history of catching on fire?

  2. I always take rooms without breakfast at a hotel! There’s always a bakery in the neighbourhood! So why pay 10 – 15 Euros per person for breakfast, when you can buy coffee and croissants for four people for € 10,00?
    I never have TV problems in the hotels we’re staying in. I go to my roonm to sleep, not to watch TV and, if you want, you can watch the news and whatever from your own country on your tablet or telephone !!

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