‘You Had One Job’ Hilarious Fails That People Couldn’t Help Sharing || Funny Daily

'You Had One Task' Funny Stops Working That People Could Not Help Sharing|| Amusing Daily
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‘You Had One Job’ Hilarious That People Couldn’t Help Sharing || Funny Daily

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  1. 7:06 makes me tgink of the street signs on my block all but one are correct and have 33rd St printed on them. The stand alone is 33th St.

  2. I bought a used 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser with turbo and when I turned on the radio , only the rear speakers played .
    One day I decided to take off the door side panels or at least pull the bottom up to see if they are somehow
    disconnected . I pulled back the passenger side door first and saw a speaker there so I went to unscrew it and
    pull it out . The speaker felt very light and I thought that the speaker magnet had somehow fell off . Lo and behold
    when I disconnected the speaker wire , I found out that it was a “DUMMY SPEAKER” : a fully formed speaker with
    no speaker magnet !!! My question to Chrysler Corporation is this : WHY DID YOU EVEN BOTHER TO INSTALL A
    NON – WORKING “DUMMY SPEAKER” AT ALL ??? They should have just left in open (but then they needed something
    to plug the wires into ) LOL !!!
    I bought two REAL SPEAKERS and installed them in the door side panels ! Now I have four speaker sound !

  3. I think with the ATM being so low is for people in wheelchairs, we do have ATM’s here in aussie land that are lower than normal for the wheelchair people.

  4. 2:35 It appears to me this doesn’t have a gate – it should, just to make it more nonsensical in the same way that 2:53 is.

  5. 2:44 Unless there is a diagonal turn that they’re prohibiting, this has two mistakes.
    The first is obvious, it’s upside down.
    The second is that the printing has the wrong orientation for a diamond shaped sign.

  6. 7:07 I’m racking my brain for a contest that would award a third place finisher with a badge that reads “Thirst”.

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