You Only Had One Job

You Only

I enjoy you all Every day I strive to develop the very best, newest videos for you to watch. Hope you take 5 seconds to sign up for my channel. Thank you so much.


Music by Kevin MacLeod is certified under an Imaginative Commons Attribution license (

You Only

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  1. Wow bossdt, even when you use other people’s music , you manage to mess it up! Unlistenable. Who is your Post Audio Engineer???? Maybe it’s time to hire an actual Audio Engineer and do things right

  2. Not getting some of them – possibly due t a lack of cultural background knowledge.
    – 2:30 – what’s the deal with those coupons?
    – 2:45 (Amazon sticker over parcel address) – well, apparently the package was delivered after all, wasn’t it? 😉
    – 2:55 – what’s the deal with the dishwasher install?
    – 3:05 – what about that Redbox thing?
    – 8:15 “wrong Polish and German words for “departures” (read my comment)” – which comment is… where exactly?

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