You Won’t Believe These Amazingly Mild Photos!

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In this video, we're going to show some surprisingly moderate that will make question why we in some cases take images of extreme scenarios.

After enjoying this video, you'll be blown away by the level of information and clearness that can be attained with relatively mild image shots! If you're trying to find some images to show off to your pals, then make sure to check out this video!

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You Won't Believe These Amazingly Mild !

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  1. The bus shelter is not backwards…. it prevents people from getting splashed.
    The deathly pale fingers. That’s Raynaud’s Syndrome. Sudden impact or cold will cause extremities. I know because I have it.

  2. 2:40 for anyone who cares to know this, I take migraine medication and yet my local pharmacy gave me a bottle of tablets that looked totally different from normal. I took one…my migraine didn’t go….turns out it was VIAGRA!! 😱 Good job I only took one… I would’ve been “up” all night. 😂

    1. Sometimes a pharmacy will be finishing up the bottle from one manufacturer and open a bottle of the same medicine from a different company especially if generics are used.
      That would need to be explained to the patient.

  3. Holy great Salt Chrystal.😲🙂;-D😀Wow!! I didn’t know some cling wraps have 400 feet on them.:-O😲 I’d love to be in that elevator.🙂I know I would hate to eat Fried Grasshoppers.😞😲It’s an adorable cat.🙂I wonder how old that Co Op receipt is.

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