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  1. Did not like that you put Jesus as the celebrity with the most irritating fan base. It is disrespectful and not something you would post for Mohammed or Father Abraham. Not necessary.

    1. Oh boo hoo hoo. Considering the image of that represents Jesus is everywhere, put up by both churches and non-Christians, then disrespect never came into it. As to Mohammed, any depiction is an insult to those of the Islamic faith. As to Father Abraham, you talk about it being disrespectful in regards to Jesus being used, yet here you are in disrespectful any not using Abraham’s Islamic name, which is Ibrahim ibn Azar, who is the father of the prophets. Using Father Abraham like you did can mean others, and not refer to the person you are talking to. Others such as Benjamin Franklin, Dutch singer Pierre Kartner and the Armenian politician/agricultural scientist Avetik Sahakyan
      But yes, you proved the point of being the most irritating fan base when it comes to Christianity. To prove a point, I’ll just say one name. Westboro. I now rest my case.

  2. I’m going to have to stop watching these videos. I laugh so much I’m in danger of breaking a rib, and my dog thinks I’m crying!

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