“Yup That Exists” Weird But Very Real Things (NEW) || Funny Daily

"Yup That Exists" Weird But Very Genuine Things (NEW)|| Amusing Daily
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“Yup That Exists” (NEW) || Funny Daily

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  1. Sister of that picture< sheets that make you think you're petting a cat? Where can I buy them???😊

  2. The New Zealand Smokefree generation law has now been scrapped by the current coalition government in February 2024.

    1. That’s a shame, I smoked from age 17 to 53, now 54 and smoke free for 5 months, longest time I have gone, this is my 4th attempt. Thankfully none of my kids smoke cigarettes, weed on the other hand 🇨🇦

    2. @@laurabailey2092 Stay with it. I made numerous attempts, the most recent was at the start of the Covid lockdown we had here in NZ. I refused to face the indignity of queuing up in social-distanced lines out in the rain to get alcohol, so I weaned myself off that, and, because I knew my brain associated drinking with smoking, I gave that up as well. I took up my wine again after lockdown, but have stayed off the cigs since 17 July 2020.

  3. Sooooo………spraying a prey animal with glow in the dark paint…..seems like that would turn into a wolf buffett. Just becauae you can doesn’t mean you should.

  4. 2:28 I’m thinking AI is all in favour of this, same scenario?
    6:35 The new government is in the process of repealing that

  5. 2:14 the bottle on the right is the infamous Victorian “arsenic green.” People got poisoned by it.

  6. Alright 9:51 is just bs. You’re telling me we all of a sudden have thought reading technology, and nobody is talking about this? Lol.

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