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Everyone strap in, we've assembled the greatest stops working collection online: 80 humorous minutes of chaos. Our best stops working of 2021 are prepared for !
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Best Of The Year 2021 | FailArmy

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    1. You don’t mess with monkeys. When I was a kid, we had one steal our sunblock but we managed to make it take a roll of Ritz crackers and leave the sunblock

    1. Haah, perfect nickname “Mr. Prickly Pants”. 1 of my favs = 57:08 Virtual reality at its finest. Baby trying to dip chips fail

  1. That helicopter crash… yeah, the engine failed, but that was a total win for the pilot. He handled that incredibly well.

    1. Let the blades build up a little speed, then right before touch down, pitch them up to use that stored energy to lift the bird slightly to hopefully soften the landing. Ive watched pilots practice a dead engine scenario. This pilot did well.

  2. Absolutely amazed how cool everyone in the helicopter reacted to it crashing. Also props to the pilot for handling it that well!

    1. @Superior chad John 3:16 “for God so loved the world he sacrificed his one and only son” put your faith in God!!

    2. That was a masterful autorotation landing, but from what I’ve learned after the fact, the helicopter should never have taken off due to known mechanical issues, especially with passengers. Piloting win and judgment fail simultaneously.

    3. thing with helicopters is, they can´t really fall down too fast since that downfall inevitably makes the rotor turn…kinda like a cat :p
      eff up the rotor however…you´re in a flying coffin.

  3. 21:52 great pilots right there.. hey if you love this type of videos check out my reply in this comment 👇

  4. 1.34 to 2.05:. Criminal damage, plain and simple. That went well beyond removing the car from his land. Turning it onto its roof and destroying it gratuitously needs to be prosecuted.

  5. 2:07 WTF 😳 dude rolls out of an explosion that literally blew the doors off the truck like it’s no biggie.

    1. By the looks of the truck, it’s a work vehicle…possibly had some sort of built up fumes within the truck cabin from any number of things he uses for his work (aerosol can, AC/Auto refrigerant, ect). He got in the truck…lit a cigarette and 💥
      Just a guess though

  6. When at home injured due to a work incident.. these compilations make the stay at home all the better. Love the videos! Keep ‘em coming.

  7. I have been watching these videos for two hours trying to laugh most I’ve gotten is a smirk.


    9:33 in literally made me cry laughing as a fellow father.

  8. fails transcend the language barrier; the humor is immaculate whether you understand the words or not. great work!

  9. Fail compilations remind me of my childhood, when the world was a better place. Thank you for this. 🤗

  10. i know how the guy with the cactus felt. growing up me and my little bro used to have to go to our neighbors yard into his cactus patch to get our basketballs, baseballs, ect. after awhile you just reach right in and get stabbed lol

  11. 23:50 I swear this has to be the same car I seen on “customer states” comp! I was thinking it popped a tire and came screeching to a halt but this shows a complete opposite 😂

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