Funny ’80s Memes That Gen Xers And Millennials Might Understand Too Well || Funny Daily

Amusing '80s Memes That Might Understand Too Well|| Daily
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Funny ’80s Memes That Might Understand Too Well || Funny Daily

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  1. I remember a (very attractive to me) girl giving me her number. Landline number mind you. I never called, I was too scared of being answered by her dad. ‘Hello, I’d like to do your daughter’ doesn’t sound survivable.
    I’ll wonder forever. Would she have been the one? Might have, she sure ticked all my boxes. Dating was difficult.
    So sorry, Tanneke. I’d have liked to have a go.

  2. To be honest, I had moved to New Zealand in 1978; returned to USA in 2006. I missed a lot of this frippery, but to be honest do know a lot of it due to some magazines that were fixated on American culture.

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