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Humorous Classical Art Exposing Today's World (Brand-new Pics)|| Amusing Daily
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Classical Art Memes Exposing Today’s World (New Pics) ||

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  1. 3:51 Well, mo one else has a boat which can carry him, maybe others, as well as provisions for 40 days plus however long it took the water recede. Come to think of it, the typical depictions of the ark seem awfully small for all the animals plus food; surely someone has converted “cubits” and done the math…
    10:51 Yo, dude, what did you give me? There’s a bird person trying to grab my book. And a guy with a tree branch growing out of his head.

  2. 🤣🤣🤣 I love going to bed with a laugh and a smile on my face! Well done, Funny Daily, well done.

    1. I’ve heard it from numerous sources, so there’s gotta be some truth to it!
      I wonder If they began sober, have a few drinks and after a while, they were like “whatta hell were we talking about?”.😵‍💫

    2. @@dumymariposa6795 Or maybe they started drunk, and when they were sober again, they couldn’t remember what they had been discussing while drunk, because… total blackout. So it makes sense that if they could even *remember* the topic in both states, it must be a remarkable idea!

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